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Excerpts from: Lange, K., International Cold Forging Group I.C.F.G. - A Brief History. In: International Cold Forging Group 1967-1992 - Objectives, History, Published Documents, Meisenbach-Verlag, Bamberg, 1992

Objectives of ICFG

According to the preamble of the ICFG constitution, the objective of the group is to promulgate the economic advancement of cold forging - by encouraging and co-ordinating national and international co-operation, - by stimulating research, - by disseminating knowledge of relevant processes and sciences. Therefore the major part of activity concentrates on subgroup work with the aim of preparing and presenting information to the public, e.g. data sheets and guidelines.

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Structure of ICFG

The ICFG consists of subgroups, each active in a particular sub-division of the main fields of interest. Each subgroup is responsible for its own program and administration, including the election of its officers. As the number of permanent members is restricted in order to maintain close personal contacts and to cut down administrative work, the subgroups are authorized to invite any person to collaborate temporarily. This regulation providing a high degree of flexibility to the subgroups has proved to be very effective. Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected for a two year period of office and are eligible for a second term of two years. The main group consists of permanent members and assemblies annually at the Plenary Meeting to review progress, receive reports and initiate, modify or terminate subgroups activities. Of very great importance is the link between ICFG and CIRP by the double-membership of leading experts in both international institutions.


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