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ICFG Documents

ICFG Documents (1987 - )
Doc. 1/77 Production of Steel Parts by Cold Forging exhausted
Doc. 2/80 Production of Steel Parts by Warm Working (withdrawn) exhausted
Doc. 3/82* Cropping of Steel Bar - Its Mechanism and Practice exhausted
Doc. 4/82* General Aspects of Tool Design and Tool Materials for Cold and Warm Forging exhausted
Doc. 5/82* Calculation Methods for Cold Forging Tools exhausted
Doc. 6/82* General Recommendations for Design, Manufacture and Operational Aspects of Cold Extrusion Tools for Steel exhausted
Doc. 7/88* Small Quantity Production in Cold Forging available
Doc. 8/91* Lubrication Aspects in Cold Forging of Carbon Steels and Low Alloy Steels exhausted
Doc. 9/92** Coating of Tools for Bulk Metal Forming by PVD- and CVD-Methods available
Doc. 10/95 Lubrication Aspects in Cold Forging of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys exhausted
Doc. 11/01° Steels for Cold Forging - their behavior and selection (ISBN: 3-87525-148-2) available
Doc. 12/01° Warm Forging of Steels (ISBN: 3-87525-155-5) available
Doc. 13/02° Cold Forging of Aluminium (ISBN: 3-87525-161-x) available
Doc. 14/02° Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging - Part 1: General aspects of tool life (ISBN: 3-87525-162-8) available
Doc. 15/02° Process Simulation - 1st Workshop, Ankara/Turkey, 2001 (ISBN: 3-87525-168-7) available
Doc. 16/04° Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging - Part 2: Quality requirements for tool manufacturing (ISBN: 3-87525-209-8) available
Doc. 17/06° Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging - Part 3: Application of PM-steel and tungsten carbide material for cold forging tools - a comparison between Europe and Japan (ISBN 3-87525-242-X and ISBN 978-3-87525-242-2) available
Doc. 18/07 40 Years History Document (containing documents 11/01 to 17/06; ISBN: 978-3-87525-264-4) available
Doc. 19/10 Preparation and Assessment of FE-simulations of Cold Forging Operations (ISBN: 978-3-87525-304-7) available
Doc. 20/10 Memorial Tributes to Kurt Lange (ISBN: 978-3-87525-306-1) available
Doc. 21/11 Speedup Benchmark for Rotary Swaging Simulations (ISBN: 978-3-87525-316-0) available
Doc. 22/12 Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging Part Four: CAE Methodology and Evaluation Methods Used for Tool Life Prediction and Improvements (ISBN 978-3-87525-329-0) available
Doc. 23/13 Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging Part Five: Surface Finishing of Cold Forging Tools (ISBN 978-3-87525-348-1) available
Doc. 24/14 Process Simulation in Cold Forging: Material Testing and Modelling (ISBN: 978-3-87525-366-5) available