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Selected papers

WIRE 44 (1994) Authors Title Pages
3/4 (August) Wibom, O. Nielsen, J.A. Bay, N. Influence of tool temperature on friction and lubrication in the cold forging of steel -
3/4 (August) Lange, K. 26th ICFG Plenary Meeting in Osaka (J) -
5 (October) Krusic, V. Kuzman, K. Cold radial extrusion in the automotive industry -
6 (December) Crafoord, R. Öhl, P. Hard ball surfaces -
WIRE 45 (1995) Authors Title Pages
3 (June) Lange, K. Knoerr, M. Altan, T. A fatigue analysis concept to avoid failure of forging tooling -
4 (August) Osakada, K.Shiraishi, M. Kawasaki, K. Precision cold extrusion with controlled elastic die deformation -
5 (October) Bay, N. Wibom, O. Nielsen, J.A A test for determining friction and lubrication in severe cold forging operations -
6 (December) Vey, R. Chemical surface treatment prior to cold forming -
6 (December) Lange, K. 28th ICFG Plenary Meeting 1995 in Lyngby (DK) -
WIRE 46 (1996) Authors Title Pages
1 (February) Groenbaek, J. Nielsen, E.B Stripwound containers for combined radial and axial prestressing -
4 (August) Maegaard, V. Small and medium production runs -
WIRE 47 (1997) Authors Title Pages
4 (September) Engel, U. Reliability of cold forging tools 30-37
4 (September) Hinsel, C. 1st JSTP International Seminar on Precision Forging 28
6 (November) Osakada, K. Wang, X. Hanami, S. Precision forging processes with axially driven container 24-29
6 (November) Hinsel, C. Fatigue of PVD and CVD coated tool steel for cold forging 30-33
WIRE 48 (1998) Authors Title Pages
1 (February) Lange, K. ICFG convenes its 30th AGM 29-30
1 (February) Tekkaya, A.E. Status and developments in the simulation of forming processes 31-36
1 (February) Birker, T. Groenbaek, J. High-stiffness stripwound containers 37-42
2 (April) Engel, U. Messner, A. Numerical simulation of metal forming processes for the production of microparts 94-100
WIRE 49 (1999) Authors Title Pages
6 Krusic, V. Cold Forging Applications in the Automotive Electrical Industry 31-35
WIRE 50 (2000) Authors Title Pages
2 Tekkaya, A.E. An International Web-Course on Cold Forming 122-131
WIRE 52 (2002) Authors Title Pages
1 Tiesler, N. Microforming - size effects in friction and their influence on extrusion processes 34-38
5 Haller, B. Precision forging of magnesium wrought alloys 46-52
6 Nastran, M. Cold forming magnesium alloys using hydrostatic pressure 36-41
WIRE 53 (2003) Authors Title Pages
1 Pravdic, F. From Continuous Casting to Extrusion of AZ31 37-41
6 Marx, P. Mechanical Surface Preparation of Slugs in Cold Forging 29-34
WIRE 54 (2004) Authors Title Pages
2 Raedt, H.-W. Tribological Conditions in Minimally Lubricated Cold Forming 91-94
6 Matsumoto, R. Precision Warm Forging of Magnesium Alloy with Consideration of Material Property 20-24
WIRE 56 (2006) Authors Title Pages
1 Putz, A. Ultrasonic Inspection of Prestressed Cold Forging Tools - Development of a Theoretical Model and Relevance for Industry 23-27
6 Meidert, M. Improvement of Service Life of Cold Forging Tools by FEM Simulation 14-17
WIRE 58 (2008) Authors Title Pages
1 Aygen, M. Determination of appropriate friction model by forward rod extrusion tests 18-21
WIRE 59 (2009) Authors Title Pages
4 Weidel, S. Basic Study on the Influence of Liquid Lubricant on Contact State in Cold Forging Processes 1-6