ICFG Secretary Change: Welcome, Diego Alba!

Dear members of the ICFG,


It was a great honour for me to having served as ICFG Secretary since March 2020, always keeping in mind, under which conditions and by whom this organization was founded following its mission „to promulgate the economic advancement of cold forging by encouraging and coordinating national and international cooperation, by instigating research and by disseminating knowledge of relevant processes and sciences.“ Even if the boundaries on our planet seem to have changed a lot since ICFG’s foundation in 1967, the intention of the organization is still today – or maybe especially today – most relevant for a prosperous future. During my time as secretary, I learned a lot about international communication and could grow an interesting network. As the pandemic covered the majority of my term of office, I was very glad to meet at least some of you on site in Milan. Information exchange, personal contact and a good communication are the most precious things to solve our current challenges. In that way, I would like to thank you all for the great contact and the mutual trust during the last 3 years! My special thank goes to Prof. Liewald, who introduced myself to the group 3 years ago. Many thanks to Prof. Thomas Herlan and Prof. Laurent Dubar as well as all AB members – it was a pleasure to work with you!


Now I would like to introduce my successor, Diego Alba, who will take over the secretary position from now on. Diego is already involved in the planning for the next Plenary Meeting in Ankara. He initiated interesting new ideas to make ICFG more visible and attractive for new members – so stay tuned! He has a background not only in academia, but also in industry. Combined with his open-mindedness, he will do a great job as ICFG secretary for the next years!

I wish all the best for Diego and the International Cold Forging Group!


Karl C. Grötzinger
Former ICFG Secretary