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The “ICFG – Young Scientist Exchange Prize” has been established in order to support the understanding of young researchers, of the importance of cold
and warm forging production as it is carried out by world leading companies and also to give them an appreciation of social and cultural differences and challenges in
overseas countries.

A technical trip of one to two weeks for 4 to 6 young researchers covers visits to establishments including; cold – warm – hot forging companies, producing special coatings and lubricants, tool making companies, machine tool manufacturers, research and academic institutions.

The ICFG Young Researchers International Exchange Prize is intended to be awarded every two years. The visit will be to a country or region with highly developed cold forging production, service operations as well as internationally leading R&D institutions.


On the occasion of the 52th Plenary Meeting,
the prize was awarded to:

M.Sc. Rachele Bertolini
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Padova

in order to honour her research
„Mechanical behaviour of lightweight alloys at high strain rate and low-temperature regime”
and her activities in cold forging.