Prof. Herlan President of ICFG 2022-2024

During our last Plenary Meeting in September, the incoming Chairman, Prof. Herlan, became President of ICFG. The former President, Prof. Dubar, thanked all members for their support during his terms of office from 2019-2022 and wished all the best to the new President. Prof. Herlan pointed out, that he is the first consultant to become President of ICFG. During his terms of Presidency, Prof. Herlan wants to increase the number of members and support the idea of building a bridge between industry and academia.

The ICFG is glad to announce the following new composition of the Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Thomas Herlan (Chairman)
  • Prof. Laurent Dubar (Vice-Chairman)
  • Prof. Mathias Liewald (Treasurer)
  • Prof. Katia Mocellin
  • Prof. Yoshinori Yoshida
  • Prof. Chengliang Hu



Karl C. Grötzinger
ICFG Secretary