40th Plenary Meeting in Padova, Italy

September 16-19, 2007

The 40th Plenary Meeting of the International Cold Forging Group (ICFG) was held from September 16 to 19, 2007 in Padova (Italy), hosted by Prof. Bariani from the Department of Innovation in Mechanics and Management of the University of Padova. More than 108 participants from all over the world came to Padova which is located near Venice in the north of Italy. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Karl Kuzman (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), the chairman of the ICFG. On occasion of  the 40th anniversary of ICFG, special lectures on “History and Future of Cold Forging” in Europe and Japan (Prof. Tekkaya, Prof. Osakada), “Stochastic Analysis, Optimization and Robustness of Deformation Processes” (Dr. Doltsinis) and an historical overview over “40 Years of ICFG” (Dr. Groenbaek) were given during the General Assembly.


The ICFG delegates welcomed Prof..Dohda (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Japan, Prof. Kitamura (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Japan as well as Prof. Liewald (IFU, University of Stuttgart.), Germany as new corresponding members. The membership status of Prof. R. Geiger (Liechtenstein) and Prof. Siegert (Germany) was changed to emeritus. Mr. Nishiyama (Japan) and Prof. Shivpuri (USA) quit the ICFG. The ICFG now consists of 93 personal members from 23 countries over the whole world.

In the ICFG Advisory Board after 4 years as chairman, Prof. Kuzman is new vice-chairman. The new chairman is Prof. Tekkaya. The ICFG thanked Prof. Kuzman for his time as chairman and welcomed Prof. Tekkaya as new chairman in the general assembly.

Subgroup activities and publications

Within the SG “Process Simulation“ a CD with presentations on process simulation has been compiled. Based on this CD a document including case studies is planned. Therefore, Mr. Önder asked the attendees for case studies in process simulation.
The SG “Tool Life & Tool Quality“ is working well. A document Part 4 is planned. At the moment the SG has its focus on the surface finishing of tools. For spring 2008 a workshop on surface finishing and coating in Soenderborg, Denmark is planned.
The SG “Properties of Cold Forged Products“ is working well. Two workshops have been organized (one in Dortmund, Germany and one in Nagoya, Japan) in spring 2007. Two workshops will be organized again in spring 2008. A document is planned summarizing the results of the subgroup (2008).
The SG „Incremental Bulk Forming“ defined its goals as follows: enhancement of process simulation and description of material behaviour. Therefore, the definition and calculation of benchmark problems as well as the modeling of material behaviour are planned.

ICFG International Prizes – Paper Prize and Exchange Prize

The ICFG International Paper Prize 2007 was awarded to Mr. Mert Aygen for his paper “Determination of Appropriate Friction Model by Forward Rod Extrusion Tests”. Mr. Aygen presented the paper to the delegates at the general session of the Plenary Meeting and received the prize by the chairman Prof. Kuzman and the vice-chairman Prof. Tekkaya. The prize paper will also be published in one of the coming WIRE issues. Prof. Kuzman asked all attendees to propose good candidates for the ICFG International Prize next year. Deadline for application will be on May 1st, 2008.

In 2007, the ICFG International Exchange Prize was awarded for the first time. The prize winners are Mr. Martin Geier (Brazil), Mr. Sebastjan Masera (Slovenia), Mr. Canderim Önder (Turkey) and Mr. Motoki Terano (Japan). This prize is established in order to support the understanding of young researchers of the importance of cold and warm forging production as it is carried out by world leading companies and also to give young researchers an understanding of social and cultural differences and challenges in overseas countries. The technical trip of 5 days covered visits to a light metal cold forging company (Alutec), coating company (Balzers), machine tool manufacturer (Hatebur), cold-warm-hot forger (Willi Hahn, Daimler, ThyssenKrupp Presta, Hirschvogel) as well as academic institutions (PtU Darmstadt, LFT Erlangen, DIMEG, Padova) in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. Additionally, the prize winners attended the Plenary Meeting in Padova, Italy. The ICFG cordially thanks the companies and institutions for their generous support of the ICFG International Exchange Prize. Please click here for more information.

ICFG 40 Years History Document

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the ICFG, the document 18/07 “40 Years History Document” has been published. This document gives an overview over past and future of ICFG, its organization and workscope. Additionally, the following documents are compiled within this anniversary document:

  • Steels for Cold Forging – Their Behaviour and Selection (Doc. 11/01)
  • Warm Forging of Stells (Doc 12/01)
  • Cold Forging of Aluminium (Doc 13/02)
  • Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging; Part 1: General Aspects of Tool Life (Doc 14/02)
  • Process Simulation; 1st Workshop, Ankara, Turkey, May 3rd – 4 th, 2001 (Doc 15/02)
  • Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging; Part 2: Quality Requirements for Tool Manufacturing (Doc 16/04)
  • Tool Life & Tool Quality in Cold Forging; Part 3: Application of PM-Steel and Tungsten Carbide Material for Cold Forging – A Comparison Between Europe & Japan (Doc 17/06)

The price is 120,- EUR (+ shipping and handling).

Next Plenary Meeting

The coming Plenary Meeting 2008 will be held in Warsaw, Poland and will be organized by the ICFG member Prof. Kocanda. He presented the preliminary program of the coming Plenary Meeting that will take place from September 14 to 17, 2008. More detailed information will be published on the ICFG website